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Guitars Vocals Keyboards Programming

The Beginning

Ken and Chris decided to form a band. Their reason was simple: to write and play music they liked. Not to write a specific kind or genre of music, but whatever music they were inspired to compose. Chris immediately thought to recruit occasional jamming partner, Eric, to join them. Shortly after, Garda was formed.

Destroy Everything

The phrase "Destroy Everything" appears prominently in all things Garda. It has become the mantra for Garda. While they do not discourage the phrase being taken literally, it was originally meant to challenge the idea that a band must conform to a genre or style. From there it morphed into a guide for their lyrical content and steered Garda to question convention and what we take for granted. But if you ask Garda about the phrase, they will give you a vague shrug and say "Destroy Everything" should mean whatever you'd like it to mean and encourage you to start by destroying your own preconceptions about everything.


Please consult the owner's manual before attempting to listen to Garda. Exceeding the recommended dosage of Garda may cause sleeplessness and occasionally rapid heartbeat. Garda may be harmful to young children. Garda poses an electric shock hazard and should be serviced by trained personnel only. Garda can cause potential loss of hearing. Use caution while driving and listening to Garda. Contents of Garda may be under pressure.